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Hey there everyone. As you may all know, we've migrated from to, before you freak out, it's still very much Github, just not hosted on Microsoft servers. We host it ourselves and matches 95% percent of the featureset available on (it's like it's made by them or something!) but with unlocked pro features in any type of repository!

However, due to the insane inner workings of main, not all features work the same between the versions, this document should help you in working around these issues.

How Do I Sign Up, Anything I Should Know?

Well yes, but not really. You will need to sign up again, regardless of if you were in the previous organization on Github or not. However, a few considerations:

1. Use your old username from, then once you set it up, you can change your name to anything you'd like. This will ensure you get credit for all your old stuff that was imported.

2. Use the same email as well, if possible.

3. Nothing will auto import unless it was in an organization

4. Your account will be locked or suspended if you aren't a part of any team, or shouldn't be on the instance.

5. That's it, follow these and go ahead and sign up!

How Do I Import My Private / Personal Repo's From

It's okay friend, Google is very hard. Click below!

Importing a Git repository using the command line - GitHub Docs

Obviously replace the external host with

More coming soon!

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